Thermal pulse technology for immediate relief and eye wellness

Activa is a unique device designed to provide immediate relief and eye comfort. Its advanced thermal pulse technology offers a quick and convenient solution for a variety of eye problems.

Heating and massage technology for a fast and practical solution

Activa uses a unique combination of heating and massage technology to provide you with a practical and effective solution. The gentle, soothing heat helps dissolve the incrustations that form on the edges of the eyelids, relieving the symptoms of blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunctions. In addition, the gentle micro-vibration massage stimulates blood circulation and promotes eye relaxation.

Personalization of sessions and increased IPL treatment efficacy

With Activa, you can customize the number of sessions available according to your needs. Whether you need intensive treatment or just regular maintenance, you can tailor Activa to your preferences. In addition, Activa can be combined with IPL treatment to enhance its effectiveness. Enjoy immediate and long-lasting relief while complementing your IPL treatment.

Relieve symptoms of eye strain and swelling of the eyes

Symptoms of eye strain and swelling can negatively affect your quality of life. Activa offers an effective solution to relieve these symptoms. Its gentle warming helps to dissolve the build-up on the eyelids, while the massage helps to reduce inflammation and irritation. Experience a feeling of relief and freshness in your tired and puffy eyes.

Application in combination with IPL treatment

If you use IPL treatment in your practice, you know that it can take time for patients to experience the effects. Activa can make a difference by giving patients an immediate sense of comfort and relief. Its thermal pulse technology complements IPL treatment, creating a more complete and satisfying experience for your patients.


Activa is more than a device, it is a comprehensive solution for eye wellness. Experience the sense of relief and well-being that Activa can bring you.


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