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Analyzer of all tear film layers (Lipid, Aqueous, Mucin) and Meibomian Glands
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Ability To Easily And Accurately Measure Axial Length. 

Dry eye treatment provides relief from symptoms, improves ocular health, and enhances visual comfort.

Dry eye treatment provides relief from symptoms, improves ocular health, and enhances visual comfort.

The procedure for dry eye syndrome starts with the use of the IDRA analyzer, which provides a comprehensive analysis of the lipid layer and the functionality of the Meibomian glands. 

With IDRA, specialists can accurately track the progress before and after treatment of the condition. Once the results are obtained, the use of ACTIVA is recommended, an innovative mask that delivers quick and long-lasting relief for eyelid symptoms. 

ACTIVA utilizes thermal pulse technology and automatic massage to dissolve the deposits and smoothen the secretions from the Meibomian glands. This combination of IDRA and ACTIVA offers a comprehensive and effective solution for dry eye síndrome


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